Maranatha Christian Church is a small church with a big heart, located in the center of Falls Church City. We believe that the best way to know Jesus is through studying the Bible, meeting together as a church, and allowing the Holy Spirit to move through us, both through spiritual gifts and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. There is an urgency to our message, because we believe that Jesus is about to return to rapture his faithful and obedient church.  

You’ll never be asked to give money at a Maranatha church. The gospel is free! Our pastors are lay ministers and do not receive salaries from the church. The pastors are trained through a process of apprenticeship.  

Whenever we come together as a church, we want to exalt God! Congregational worship is an essential part of Maranatha’s DNA. Our musicians sit in the front of the church, facing the pulpit instead of playing on a stage, leading the entire congregation to sing.

Maranatha, Falls Church, is affiliated with a group of churches that share the same name throughout North America and Igreja Crista Maranata in Brazil, as well as Maranatha Christian churches through South America, Africa, Europe and Eastern Europe.