Whether you’ve never been to church before or you grew up in the church, we hope you join us for a church service! Here’s what to expect.

We begin our church service by kneeling during the opening prayer. During this prayer, we ask for the covering of the blood of Jesus, recognizing that Jesus’ sacrifice is the only way we can approach the Father in prayer.

The church service is divided into three 15-20 minute segments. We start with congregational worship, then the sermon, followed by a time of personal assistance in prayer for those who need it. Throughout the time of praise, the praise leader may ask for a handful of spontaneous prayers of thanksgiving from the church, and any member of the congregation is welcome to give thanks to the Lord by standing and praying aloud. After the message, we have a time dedicated to praying for anyone who came to the service with a particular need or concern.  Don’t be shy about asking for prayer—we all need a blessing from the Lord!

On Sunday mornings, the children (ages 3-11) have kid-focused time of praise and receive age-appropriate Bible teaching in Sunday School.

Don't speak English?  Simultaneous interpretation into Spanish and Portuguese is available.

In addition to our regular services, we have special meetings for the women and youth.